When you plan the flower arrangements for your wedding, the availability of the flowers should be kept in mind as not all flowers are available all year round. Another important thing to keep in mind is special calendar days that have an effect of the flower prices, such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, first day of Spring, Secretary Day and Christmas.  Flowers are usually quite a bit more expensive because there is a higher demand for flowers at those times.


Flowers (Available the whole year)

Alstromeria – All shades (scarce from May to Oct)

Anthuriums – All shades (scarce from June to Aug)

Arums – White (sometime scarce)

Carnations – All shades

Celosia – Various shades (scarce May to Aug)

Chrysanthemums – All shades

Delphiniums – White, Light blue & Blue (scarce Jan to March)

Gerberas – All shades

Gladiolas – All shades (sometime scarce)

Lilies – Asiatic and Asiflorum in white, cream, yellow, orange, red and pink. St Joseph’s and Casablanca in white.  Stargazers in pink may be difficult to get sometimes.

Lisianthus – Blue, purple, white, pink, white with pink edge and with purple edge (scarce from May – Aug)

Ornithogalums (chinks) – White

Roses – All shades

Sunflowers – Yellow


Flowers (Available only in certain seasons)


Agapanthus – White and blue (Sept – Jan)

Arum Lily – Various shades (Oct – March)

Daffodils – Yellow and white (May – Aug)

Freesias – All shades (Jun – Oct)

Heliconias – Yellow and red (Sept – May)

Hyacinths – White, pink, blue (Sept – Nov)

Irises – White, yellow, blue, purple (March – Oct)

Lace flower – White (Jan – April and Aug – December)

Liatris – White and blue (Oct – May)

Montbreezias – Orange (Nov – Apr)

Orchids – Catlya, Cymbidium and Phaleonopsis (Apr – Oct)

Peonies – White, pink, purple (Oct – Nov) very rare

Proteas – Various shades (order in good time)

Stocks – White and purple (March – Sept)

Strelitzias – Orange (March – Sept)

Tulip – All shades (March – Sept)


Greens and Fillers (Available all year long)

Anthurium leaves – Green

Asparagus – Ming, Meyers, Plumosis, Virgatus

Aspidistra leaves – Green

Bamboo reeds – Green

Bear Grass – Green

Buplerum – Yellow green

Eryngiums – Blue (scarce Jan/Feb and Jun – Aug)

Eucalyptus – Grey or colored

Equisitum – Green (thin reed like with segments)

Flax – Green or variegated

Gold Rod – Yellow

Gyp – White

Hypericum – Brown or red

Kangaroo paws – Yellow and red (scarce Oct to March)

Kol-Kol – Grey or Brown

Lavender – Blue/Lilac (scarce May – Sept)

Leather Leave fern – Green

Limonium (latifolia) – White and purple

Limonium (statice) – White, yellow, pink, purple and blue

Limonium (Confetti) – Pale Yellow

Monte Casino – White, blue and purple/pink

Palm Leaves – Green

Papyrus – Sometime Scarce

Philodendro Leaves – Green

Pittosporum – Green or variegated

Queen Anne’s lace – White

Rekoala Grass – Green

Ruscus – Green

Strelitzia Leaves – Green

Wheat – Scarce from May to Aug

Willow sticks – Brown


Greens and Fillers (Available only in certain seasons)


Heather (Erica) – White or Pink (Jul – Sept)

Laurel Leaves – Green (Aug – March)

Leucadendron – Green and burgundy red (March – Oct)

Twisted bamboo – Green (Available sporadically)

Veronicas – Pink and Purple (Available sporadically)

Vibernum – Green (May – Jul)

Wax – Pink and white (Aug – May)




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