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The flowers and décor you choose for your wedding must flow from the church to the venue and any other place you will be using flowers.

First decide on the color scheme and type(s) of flowers you want for your wedding. Check that the flowers you want will be available during the season when you want your wedding to take place, and are available in the color(s) you need. Then you can decide what kind of containers you would like to use on the tables.

You can choose from a vast variety of containers that are all available for rent – every bridal couple should be able to find something they like for their wedding day.  You can choose from silver and glass, rusted metal or steel, or ceramic ware. Everything is available in various shapes and sizes: candelabra, round bows, oblong bowls, square or round glass containers, stands, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

When you plan the flower arrangements for your wedding, the availability of the flowers should be kept in mind as not all flowers are available all year round. Another important thing to keep in mind is special calendar days that have an effect of the flower prices, such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, first day of Spring, Secretary Day and Christmas.  Flowers are usually quite a bit more expensive because there is a higher demand for flowers at those times.

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You have one opportunity to take your vows in an unforgettable ceremony, surrounded by your loving family and friends.  Getting married will change your lives dramatically.


Change can be a good thing, but amidst all the wedding excitement, you will need to feel emotionally calm and safe to be good to one another and to continue to love one another.  Be one another’s soft place to fall – protect, encourage and look after one another.

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When deciding where to go, be prepared to compromise – it is meant to be special for both of you, so choose a destination that caters for two sets of interests.


Brainstorm the type of experience you’d like and explore those which overlap.  Before you rush into bookings and payments, spend time in bookshops to get an idea of what’s available and at what cost. Read the rest of this entry »

Be modest. The more extravagant the affair, the larger your impact on the environment. Keep your guest list small.


Start with the basics: a daytime wedding requires less electricity; use recycled paper for your stationery (if you’re not too attached to tradition you could even send invites via email); display the menu on a blackboard rather than printing on paper. Read the rest of this entry »

With everything getting more and more modern with time, people seem to tending to experiment with the kinds of wedding ceremonies they have. The kinds of wedding ceremonies now are quite diverse – they range from very formal to very casual, quite expensive to budget weddings, at beaches, mansions, hotels, and of various themes. What remains common among the beautiful wedding ceremonies is a careful selection of wedding decor. Read the rest of this entry »