When deciding where to go, be prepared to compromise – it is meant to be special for both of you, so choose a destination that caters for two sets of interests.


Brainstorm the type of experience you’d like and explore those which overlap.  Before you rush into bookings and payments, spend time in bookshops to get an idea of what’s available and at what cost.


Place the trip in context.  Remember, you’ll need a break after the stress of the wedding and probably won’t feel like trekking on the Inca Trail.


If you want a seasonal experience like skiing, choose a wedding date with this in mind.


Book flights using your maiden name so your passport matches your tickets.  Some airlines will accept a marriage certificate as proof of a name change, but there are no guarantees.


Check whether your credit card gives free travel insurance when you use it to pay for the trip.


If you’re strapped for cash, ask your guests to contribute to a travel account instead of buying gifts.  Avoid peak season and don’t underestimate the cost of meals, drinks, transport and activities when budgeting.  Explore all –inclusive package deals so you know upfront what the trip will cost.


If you want to be pampered, find out if your hotel has a spa and whether they do couples treatments.  Be sure to tell them it’s your honeymoon – you may get special treatment.


Research visas and health matters and take care of these will in advance.  Don’t rely solely on the internet for this. It’s best to consult travel agents and specialized books.


Consider the hotels check-in time when booking your flight.  Waiting in the lobby until your room becomes available isn’t very romantic.


Arrange for the best man to take care of all the post-wedding admin like returning rented suits.




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