The flowers and décor you choose for your wedding must flow from the church to the venue and any other place you will be using flowers.

First decide on the color scheme and type(s) of flowers you want for your wedding. Check that the flowers you want will be available during the season when you want your wedding to take place, and are available in the color(s) you need. Then you can decide what kind of containers you would like to use on the tables.

You can choose from a vast variety of containers that are all available for rent – every bridal couple should be able to find something they like for their wedding day.  You can choose from silver and glass, rusted metal or steel, or ceramic ware. Everything is available in various shapes and sizes: candelabra, round bows, oblong bowls, square or round glass containers, stands, etc.


Always bear in mind the height of the venue’s ceiling when you decide on your containers – candelabra work well in a venue with a very high ceiling, while flattish containers work better in a venue with a low ceiling.


If you do not want a big table arrangement with flowers for your wedding, you can combine a few smaller containers with a single rose or gerbera in each and alternate with candles.


The use of candles with flowers in the central flower arrangements or in the table décor always creates a romantic mood – the perfect ambiance for an evening wedding.  You can even put the candles in pretty glass pots or other containers that the guests can take home after the wedding. That way the décor can serve a dual purpose and may save you money.


Many wedding venues do not provide chair covers, organza overlays or bows for the chairs, so you can rent these items in if you need them.  These items are available in a range of colors.  If the venue has nice metal chairs, you can consider tying a single flower to each chair with a ribbon instead of using chair covers and sashes.


You can also rent many other décor items for a wedding, such as under plates, serviette rings, cake stands, table placement stands, large vases and candelabras for the chapel.


When you pick a rental company, make sure that the company can supply as many of the items as you need for all your tables. Renting from one place makes things so much easier when it comes to collecting and returning of the items after the wedding.  Also ask whether the rental company is prepared to deliver and pick up the items for you (at extra cost).


Enjoy all the planning for your wedding and remember that your wedding is something you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl.  Do not choose décor items because you think that is all you can find, keep looking around until you find what you really like and you are sure that what you choose will match up with the picture you have in mind.



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